Reinhart Mlineritsch

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Cover of Darkness



Text by Anselm Wagner

Edition Fotohof im Otto Mueller Verlag, Salzburg 2007, Volume 33

Published by Kurt Kaindl


108 Pages, 100 Photographs, hardcover, 31 x 27 cm

Text in English and German

Available in bookstores or in the webshop of Galerie Fotohof (click here)


ISBN 9783701311316



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This photographic volume is the third book in Reinhart Mlineritsch’s trilogy of objects that are both commonplace and foreign. In these pictures he once again follows the trail of everyday aesthetic appearances that refer to something hidden. The photographer reveals himself as a tracker in the process. Most often he captures deserted places, where people and animals have left their traces. He composes these spaces like symmetrical peep boxes, whereby the objects appear to be on a stage and thereby achieve a heightened presence.


In this book, Reinhart Mlineritsch follows in the tradition of those photographers, who use large format photography to achieve a hyper-real precision, for whom black and white photography offers the possibility of the abstraction and augmentation of things, and who present these results to the viewer using a perfect duotone printing technique. The accompanying text by Anselm Wagner analyzes this work and reveals the methodology of his art photography.


The prize "The Most Beautiful Austrian Books of 2007" was awarded to the best titles of the Austrian book production of last year. About 200 participants applied for one of the desired prices as most beautiful book. The selection criteria was excellent graphic design and quality of manufacture.

Reinhart Mlineritsch
COVER OF DARKNESS could convince the jury in the category of art and photo books. On 20th February the Austrian minister for education, arts and culture, Claudia Schmid and the president of  the Austrian  bookstores association, Alexander Potyka awarded the prize in Palais Niederoesterreich in Vienna.

The awarded Austrian books will compete internationally with "The Most Beautiful Books of the World" and will be presented at local and international expositions of "The Most Beautiful Books" in Leipzig, Frankfurt and Vienna.




© Reinhart Mlineritsch