With pictures of the utmost precision and sharpest focus, which place ordinary, meaningless everyday objects into the forefront, the photographer Reinhart Mlineritsch opens up an undreamed-of poetic world to the viewer. Reinhart Mlineritsch is a magician of photography, who reminds us that we don’t really know the world around us. With the curious view of a discoverer and the skill of a photographer at the height of his art, he explores our surroundings as if they were unknown territory and everyday life were a terra incognita. The objects that Reinhart Mlineritsch photographs in such a precise and technically perfect manner are not sensational or spectacular in and of themselves. They only become sensational and spectacular through the manner in which this photographer captures them and makes them newly visible for us. With his both precise and poetic pictures, Reinhart Mlineritsch reminds us that things remain in a state of flux and that we could also see the world in a completely different way (Karl-Markus Gauss).