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Space and nature

Reinhart Mlineritsch lives in Salzburg. He originally comes from business, but chose his passion, large-format photography. He is staff member at the gallery Fotohof.  Mlineritsch creates spaces of imagination for the processes of nature. He mainly works in black and white, occasionally in color since 2012. Beginning and decay, construction and destruction, he observes and …


Shimmer in the dark

The bike, which the English photographer Ian Wiblin photographed in the dark in the mid-1990s, looks like a drawing. Involuntarily one thinks of the flag bearer by Urs Graf, who was drafted in 1514 with white ink on dark coated paper. As there, the smooth metal surfaces reflect the light a little: handlebar and parts …


The World as Still-life

Pictures of the world are not always pictures of the overall visible world. They speak of the hidden things, overlooked situations, the edges of the existence, of this inconspicuous way of life. Reinhart Mlineritsch is a photographer with love for this inconspicuousness; he discovers the unspectacular views, the half-dead stepped grass, the unattractive ponds. The …