The book published for the exhibition SalzburgBilder

Photo archives as a source of contemporary photography

Photographs by Anna Aicher, Sebastian Albert, Motahar Amiri, Valentin Backhaus & Katrin Froschauer, Mitzi Gugg, Kurt Kaindl, Reinhart Mlineritsch, Andrew Phelps, Stefanie Pirker, Birgit Sattlecker, Peter Schreiner, Herman Seidl, Nadine Weixler, Elisabeth Woerndl
A joint project of the FOTOHOF and the Salzburg Open-Air Museum

with texts by Michael Weese, Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher.

German, design by Studio Fjeld, 2021, softcover, stiched binding, 30×24 cm, 136 pages.

ISBN 978-3-903334-24-3

Available at Web-Shop of Galerie Fotohof


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