Salzburg in colours

Reinhart Mlineritsch – Salzburg in colors

It is sometimes a shaky, daring matter when excellent black-and-white photographers venture into color with their flair for light, shadows and moments. It is not the colorful paradise that is waiting, but the strict examination. Reinhart Mlineritsch, the grandiose Salzburg photographer (publications at the Edition Fotohof by Otto Mueller Verlag, all highly worth seeing) got involved. A risk. Since 2012 he has been photographing his “Salzburg in Color” series. This is not a “Mozartkugel” and pastel fairy tale, here one encounters the unusual, sometimes the the eerie part. A shadow of the mountains in the lake lets you dive into the depths in all its beauty. Without knowing what’s coming. A bunch of “pencils” in a spoiled meadow are concrete pilots. But landscape is also “written” with them. Reinhart Mlineritsch has shifted his strict black and white aesthetics into color. This is what makes these photographs so exciting because they show moments that promise a secret. (HANS LANGWALLNER, Kronenzeitung, January 14, 2014).

Color photographs, elaborated by the author as pigment prints on baryta paper at a size of 60 x 42 cm, limited editions, dated and signed on the back (other formats on request).

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